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News: Katie's Korner

Windy City Field Hockey: The 2017 Journey

Welcome Back to all the athletes and families in our Windy City Program! We are excited to start off the 2017 journey with everyone in our program. We have settled into the middle of the Winter Season and look forward to many upcoming events in our program such as new programs starting up at Libertyville Sports Complex, Hosting the National Indoor Qualifying Tournament Jan 21-22 at LSC, indoor teams continue preparation for National events, Select Programs working hard on basic and advanced skills, many beginners in our Academy Program and Roots programs learning and loving the sport. To the athletes, keep doing the hard work as preparation is the key to all of our success. Dream Big and remember to enjoy the time on the field with your coaches and teammates!

Twenty Years Ago at the 1996 Olympic Games

1996 Olympic Game Venue in Atlanta, GA

I think back to where I was twenty years ago and it brings back powerful memories of my journey to get to the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA. I was fairly new to the team and had a lot to prove as a college athlete. I started playing field hockey in 9th grade and caught the attention of University of Maryland's Missy Meharg when I was a senior in high school. Attending the University of Maryland under the leadership of Meharg was the catalyst I needed to play field hockey at the international level. During my senior year of college I took an Olympic waiver from the University of Maryland, which in essence puts your time clock on hold and freezes your eligibility status, to tryout for the Olympic team. Taking a year off and moving to Atlanta to tryout for the Olympic team was the best decision I could have made. 

For a year a squad of 30 athletes trained 4-5 hours of field hockey a day, ran as if we were members of the USA Track & Field team, studied filmed, weight lifted, traveled the world for competition all in preparation for the Olympic Games. In May of 2016, my dream came true and I was one of 16 players named to the Olympic Team.  

Walking in the Opening Ceremonies marked the beginning of what was going to be an amazing experience. Wearing the red, white & blue and representing the USA at the Olympic games was one of the proudest moments of my life!  Team USA finished the 1996 Olympic Games in 5th place. Although we didn't medal as a team, I feel I won in so many ways. 

At Windy City Field Hockey I have the opportunity each and every day to share my passion of the sport to so many girls and boys of all ages. I can honestly say I'm very lucky to be able to do what I do every single day. 

Good luck Team USA as you pursue your dreams in Rio. Windy City is watching and cheering you on! Go States, get it done!! 


Words Can't Describe Beach's Olympic Experience

Thanks Sport Ngin and Loren Nelson!

Windy City Field Hockey Newsletter Vol 1

Windy City Field Hockey is excited to share our first Newsletter to update our club members on the latest program offerings, registration reminders, tournament updates and special announcements!

Look what just arrived! A Drag Flick Training Table

Drag Flick Training Table

While in Holland WCFH purchased a DFTT which is a training tool for field hockey. It's a tool master to help learn the skills to drag flick as a shot on goal in a smart, safe and fun way. The table is designed to allow for continuous repititions without developing sore muscles and to prevent injury. The DFFT is designed for players ages 11 and older. We are excited to start drag flick training with our teams/players this winter!